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[22 May 2020|04:02pm]

With extremely rare, extremely inane exceptions, my LiveJournal is friends only! I will do my best to make my fanfiction accessible to the general public in a convenient and obvious manner, but for now most of my original fiction and personal stuff will be locked. If we've seen each other around and you're interested in getting to know me better than by all means comment and let me know! I love making new friends. :)
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When last we left our heroes, all of them were getting on planes and going places, some more successfully than others. Most of them were going home, but I was going to CHICAGO for STARKID SUMMER SEASON!!! My vacation continues!!

I have to eat cookies and email Molly Scanlon! D:Collapse )

Not sure if I'm gonna do the 48HFP in a post like these, since it consisted of way fewer entertaining anecdotes and mostly just "And then we filmed the next scene which was," but I'll definitely say a little something about it eventually in Adventures! v.3. Till then, I hope v.2 entertains, and I miss you all, goodbye.
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ADVENTURES! V.1C: LEAKYCON 2014 ETC. (CONCL.) [17 Aug 2014|10:46pm]

There are so many balls, and I want to put them ALL in my mouth. (SAT-MON)Collapse )

Stay tuned next for the rest of Monday, August 4th, which was HORRIBLE, as well as the rest of my adventures to and in and from Chicago in ADVENTURES! V.2: STARKID SUMMER SEASON.
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ADVENTURES! V.1B: LEAKYCON 2014 ETC. (CONT'D) [17 Aug 2014|10:38pm]

Aren't you in COLLEGE? (THU-FRI)Collapse )
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ADVENTURES! V.1A: LEAKYCON 2014 ETC. [17 Aug 2014|10:32pm]
Well, here I am. It's been a crazy couple weeks and I'm still mostly avoiding Tumblr (for some...reason? I think to make myself focus/not fall into the rabbit hole?) until I can get these writeups written. I'm always like, Does anyone even care about these things, or am I just chronicling my own adventures for the sake of my own vanity? I guess a couple of people have told me they enjoy them in the past. Whatever bc I'm gonna do it anyway.

This is to be the first of three FIVE OR MORE UGH similar posts, apparently I'm too wordy to live: vol. 1(a, b and c) is LeakyCon Adventures, vol. 2 is StarKid Summer Season Adventures, and vol. 3 is 48 Hour Film Project Adventures. Volume 4 is "I'm dead, how the fuck did I do all of these things in less than two weeks."

Standard disclaimer: I just vomited this up so please don't judge my formatting or typos; also I may have left out some crucial anecdotes or gotten some facts/timelines goofed because I'm running on half-assed notes and fumes so if I forgot something throw it in the comments! And without further ado!!!

The Lightning-Struck Tower (TUE-WED)Collapse )
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