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lock your DEVILS UP // saiyuki ver. i

freelance awesomator
7 March


"Give me liberty to know, to utter, and to argue freely according to conscience, above all liberties." ~John Milton

"By claiming 'dork' as cool we can confuse and disrupt this whole process. The idea is that not only have we decided that being a dork ... is cool and thus, valuable to us BUT also that we are not willing to accept claims that how we are is wrong, undeveloped, bad or ... uncool." ~Kathleen Hanna, Girl Power 1991

"People think of animation only doing things where people are dancing around and doing a lot of histrionics, but animation is not a genre. And people keep saying 'the animation genre.' It's not a genre! A Western is a genre! Animation is an art form, and it can do any genre. You know, it can do a detective film, a cowboy film, a horror film, an R-rated film or a kids' fairy tale. But it doesn't do one thing. And next time I hear, 'What's it like working in the animation genre?' I'm going to punch that person!" ~Brad Bird, director/animator/screenwriter

Fan: How did you feel watching your show in English?
Yasuyuki Ueda: I did not understand it, but I never intended for people to read my shows.

"Mass culture is characterized by the passive acceptance of both the meaning and intended use of a product. Popular culture is distinguished by the active appropriation, modification and elaboration of a product that alters both its meaning and indended use. By parsing the concept of consumer culture, we see that mass culure is fundamentally different from popular culture, and that it is the power of the consumer that transforms mass culture into popular culture." ~Clinton D. Lanier, Jr. and Hope Jensen Schau in Consumer Culture Theory 2007

"The First Amendment generally prohibits punishing someone for a failure to live up to the majority's standards for good taste or proper judgment in expression." ~John D. Zelezny in Communications Law 5th Edition


- 5'4.5"
- proud brunette
- heterosexual
- communications major + English minor
- only child
- religionless
- Pisces
- terminally single


Marco/Jake; Remus/Sirius; Nathan/Kelly; Blaine/Kurt; Rachel/Tobias; Raz/Lili; Tulio/Miguel; Puck/Lauren; Yusuke/Kuwabara; Tootsie/Mega-Girl; Harry/Ginny; Sasha/Milla; boys/boys; girls/girls; Gryffindors/Slytherins.

Guybrush Threepwood; Joseph Joestar; Fred&George Weasley; Howell Jenkins; Daniel Radcliffe; Epros; Nathan Young; Harry McDougal; Yusuke Urameshi; Joey Richter; Noriaki Kakyoin; Sasha Nein; Pinkie Pie; boys; girls; Gryffindors; Slytherins.

music; reading; writing; pr0n; theater; boys; art; fruit; seafood; orange; animu & mango; sci-fi; fantasy; dubs; vidya gaems; slash; life; your face.

homophobia; bad grammar; liars; religious evangelism; fandom wank; hella drama; plastic people; weeaboo; bigots; politics; tomatoes; bad music; closemindedness; the Hollywood sorority stereotype; generic stupidity.


Not the gayest thing we've ever done! :O;
King of Snort;
excesssssssiiiivvvvve lettttteeerrrrrrsssss;
My Wretched Doppelgänger;
also, corey lubowich;
spoonerize me!;

outlawstarrated: Aisha Clan-Clan
morphs_rating: Marco
okage_rating: Linda
flcl_rating: Haruhara Haruko
yuyu_rating: Kazuma Kuwabara

Midvalley the Hornfreak Nekocon '05
Guido Mista Otakon '07, Otakon '08, Katsucon '09
Yamagishi Yukako Otakon '08, Otakon '10, Katsucon '12
Milla Vodello Otakon '08, Nekocon '08
Diddy Kong Nekocon '08 ♥, AMA '09
Malice Katsucon '09, AMA '09
Nurse Joker Halloween '08, Katsucon '09
Candy Quackenbush AMA '09, Otakon '10
Maihara Chizuru Nekocon '09 ♥
Tooty Bear Otakon '10
Ginny Weasley Halloween '10, Nekocon '10, DH pt2 midnight premiere, Nekocon '11, Katsucon '12, LeakyCon '12, Nekocon '12, LeakyCon '13
Ivysaur Nekocon '10 ♥♥
Miki Sayaka Nekocon '11 ♥
Pinkie Pie Katsucon '12
Rolling Bubbles Nekocon '12 ♥♥
Jane Crocker Nekocon '12

Here is Emily:
x making icons;
x playing with pens;
x writing fanfiction;
x tweeting;
x tumbling.

thesebullets gets infotable cred liek whoa ♥

coding cred goes to starlingsby100

moodtheme cred shoutout to zxora



#maybejustthetip, a.d. vision films, aaron dismuke's tin bowl, appa saves the day, back in your head, ballpoint pen-chan, barenaked ladies are me/n, being a starship ranger, being gay for superheroes, blow 'em to smithereens!, bug muff, buteo jamaicensis, can we say poop?, celestial beings called chet, cinnamon bunnnzuh, classic nerd joey richter, clockwatching, corey lubowich, damn those wizard cops!, dead god, delicious fruits, diana's cosplay, did someone say darren, djoo get my text??, don't call me mother, doubleyou tee fuck!?, exploding international, feelin' like matt lang, flying like oarz, fully loaded satellites, future hero next generation, gar neville, gelly roll sakura/japan, giant plastic jewelry-chan, gimme all the peace&joy, gottafindhisdick gottafindhisdick got to!, greg ♥s my mum, hanndss ohshi--, heterosexual boys please, hogwarts phys ed, i love you intermittently, idk my bff eff?, jalil sherman's ocd, jarritos piña, kids with guns, law of seerow's kindness, letters from lizz, liam's gotta phone call!, little glass vials, living on kyrie's bed, me/freecell/target ot3, megan anne, men who sing falsetto, mighty and powerful gods, mmmango, moonshoes potter, nein/ten sashas agree, nick lang puppets, nicole's stalker skillz, njwpsm ftw, not over a 9.8, ok nightmare, piss fish, q & j, quigley quagmire's commonplace book, rainbow snakes, semenaide kesanaide makenaide, sensitive black holes, sh_rk _tt_ck, shadow of the statue, shut up elan!, slow dancing with strangers, solution: epic threesome!, sorority girl cosplayers, steve blum's stopsign, sticky trees, stupid sexy 90's shounen, subverting twitter hashtags, sunshine rush hour, team evil hot chicks, team jyb, team vodka cupcakes, teen idol evil king, the avery pose, the dashboard magistrate, the goddamn english dub, the last safe place, the overqueen, then who was phonesex???, these borrowed stars, thorney towers home, time-traveling bunnies, tobias fangor: pool shark, treehouses and floating docks, twisting incognito, ultrabeam mega-girl, unbroken virgin realities, violet baudelaire's hair ribbons, voice actor dodgeball, wes the piercing guy, wryyyyy, yare yare daze, you got it!!!!, you're so 1990, you're too slow!, ♥ikainen